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Arivey enhances the capabilities of work teams through data management and promoting a work-life balance for the employees of your company.

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Efficient Staff Management and Process Automation

Employees are the core of digital transformation in the company, Arivey helps them to be the main actors of the changes.

Our platform integrates people, management systems, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence algorithms along with data recognition to offer the most efficient people management experience, adapting to the needs of each company.


Some of Our Features

Schedule Management

Accurate Time Control for Increased Productivity. Optimize!

Activity Management

Optimize your productivity by simplifying task planning and tracking.

Human Resources Process Management

Payroll, Leaves, and Employee Benefits.

Document Management System

Ensures efficiency and security in information management.

Information Dashboards

Get clear, real-time visualizations of your company's key data.

"Don't settle for the ordinary, choose Arivey and transform the way you manage your human capital. The future of your company is just one click away."
Javier Enriquez


Reduce Resistance to Change

We ensure that people, processes, and technology work together as a team to have a digital transformation that is centered on people.

Data-Driven Decisions

Stop finding fault and start identifying the root cause where you can implement improvements in your organization with data that supports you in this process.

Improve the Work Environment

Leave behind the bureaucracy of managing HR processes for your employees in the past; they will be able to self-manage from the palm of their hand.

Improve Transparency in Teams

Start trusting your work teams and let them help you and be the main actors in the management teams.

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